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SENIOR hair artist

Frishta is an exceptional experienced and talented stylist. She has worked in the industry since 2015. She was educated at the international renowned Aveda Institute in Vancouver.


Frishta is a believer in continually growing her skill set resulting in an exceptional trained stylist. Joining Eau gives her more opportunity and we love the drive.  She has a broad knowledge in a range of techniques and products. To gain this knowledge she has taken many classes and worked both abroad in New York and internally in Canada.


Not only does she have a passion for education in the hair industry but when not at the salon is a full time teacher educating the next generation of kids!

Frishta specializes in a variety of colour techniques including major colour transformations, dreamy blondes and creating those lived in colours.


She is an up styling master, and her portfolio is proof of bursting talent and skill. She has a true love and passion for up styling. 


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